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Are you tired of only using "traditional" Western medicine cures for your mental health?

Frustrated that your medical providers don't help you feel seen, heard, and validated in your struggles? 

Looking for more tools in your mental health tool kit? 

Seeking out additional mental health support for your employees, company, or group?

Exploring Integrative Health and Mind-body medicine may be right for you?

Mind-body medicine integrates practices such as meditation, movement, and breathwork alongside other integrative therapies, to help you: 

Benefits of Mind-Body Medicine

Strengthen your mind-body connection

Regulate your nervous system

Get off antidepressant medications

Develop tools to soothe stress

Reduce symptoms of anxiety & burnout

Learn to self-witness your patterns

Access altered states of consciousness

Get back into alignment with your soul's purpose

Mind-body connection coaching

What you get

A custom, one-on-one plan that blends visualization, body awareness, traditional health coaching and more to help you facilitate personal and professional transitions with grace and ease.
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Corporate mind-body medicine

What you get

If your corporate wellness plan feels like it’s lacking, I’d love to chat about how to bring mind-body medicine to your team to reduce burnout, improve job satisfaction, and promote employee retention.
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Mind-body skills groups

What you get

An 8-week group that teaches the foundations of mind-body medicine. These groups have over 20 years’ of evidence supporting their use to reduce stress, anxiety & depression. Now recruiting!
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Plant medicine integration coaching

What you get

Dedicated coaching to help you prepare for your upcoming plant medicine ceremony, or integrate what you’ve learned in a recent plant medicine experience.
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Remote career coaching for nurses

What you get

If you’re a nurse or nurse practitioner looking to make a shift towards an location-independent career, let’s talk! I’d love to help you manifest a career that allows you greater flexibility, geographic freedom, and better work/life balance.
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