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I love the idea of things coming full circle. And in that vein, I’m SO excited to bring you a group coaching program I know to be effective. 

In fact, it’s the Group that really started my personal mental health and healing journey.

Mind-Body Skills Groups are based on a model created by the Center For Mind-Body Medicine. These Groups are shown to be effective at reducing stress, anxiety, and depression in dozens of peer-reviewed studies over the last 30 years.

Mind-Body Skills Groups (or MBSGs) will teach you the biologic underpinnings of mindfulness and stress reduction, while helping you integrate real-life mindfulness into your everyday life. 

You’ll learn a variety of skills including

Meditation,  including guided imagery, visualization, and walking meditation

Biofeedback, or how to monitor our body’s stress and relaxation responses

Pain reduction and stress relief via present-moment awareness practices 

Identifying family patterns and generational trauma

Mindful eating practices

Why should you join?

I did a professional training program through the Center in 2017 that completely blew me out of the water! The course was a pivotal point in my career, and taught me about the science behind mindfulness as well as how to incorporate skills practically into my busy life – as well as how to teach these skills to others.

These 8-week groups are a great introduction to mindfulness and practical application. They’re also a perfect refresher course for fortifying the “building blocks” of mindfulness.

MBSGs are limited to eight participants per Group to allow an intimate, yet supportive setting.

Between sessions, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with fellow group members via Signal, a secure messaging platform, for additional support and resources. 

Your 8-week MBSG includes

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Full Payment in Advance
(prior to first Group)
Only $444/-
(only $55.5 per 90-minute session)
3 month payment plan option

Extended payment plans and sliding scale available.

Email me at for additional info. ♥️

After completing the registration form, I’ll reach out to you with a confirmed group time and payment link.

Can’t wait to see you there 🙂

Check out more about the Center for Mind-Body Medicine here.

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