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Hi! I’m Charlotte. I’m passionate about helping people reconnect with their bodies, get back into alignment, and optimize their mental health to create the life of their dreams.

After working in the “traditional” healthcare system for the last 10+ years, I’ve come to realize that Western medicine is great for some things….but doesn’t help strengthen the relationship we have with our own bodies, and barely scratches the surface when it comes to the importance of mindset or living consciously.

As both a classically-trained nurse practitioner and a mind-body connection coach, I want to help you reconnect with your body, tap into the present moment, and utilize the immense power of your mind to visualize and create the life of your dreams.And the first step to help you get there? Helping you bring your mind, body and soul back into alignment.

Using concepts drawn from mind-body medicine, neuroscience, epigenetics, and traditional healing practices, I offer personalized one-on-one coaching, corporate seminars, and retreats. I would love to connect and see how my mind-body connection framework can optimize your mental wellness! Y hablas español? Ya aceptando clientes de habla hispana!

Looking forward to meeting you. 🙂

Holistic mental health work meets you where traditional healthcare and therapy end. It melds evidence-based Western medicine with mind-body practices, yoga, manifestation, energy work, and more.


Tenets of Holistic Mental Health Work


Our environment plays a role in our gene expression, and vice versa. In ways we’re just starting to understand, we have the power to change our genes by changing the way we act

Mind-body connection

How we think has a direct effect on how we feel physically, and how we treat our bodies has a direct effect on how we feel mentally & emotionally.


Becoming awake and aware helps us connect with ourselves and others more deeply. We can access states of present moment awareness and consciousness through meditation, mind-body work, breathwork, psychedelic therapy, and many other modalities.

Free of judgment

In order to successfully do inner work, we must feel seen, held, and supported in a judgment-free space.

Helping others climb the pyramid

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can only self actualize after we feel safe and have our human needs (shelter, food, connection) met. For our Inner Work to be truly holistic, we must give back as part of the process, and help others have their basic needs met so they can also self-actualize. 

Harm reduction

The idea that education makes a community healthier and more informed than a “just say no” policy. Drugs are not for everyone, and they are also not always bad.

Tools we use in holistic mental health coaching

Guided imagery or visualization exercises



Movement and dancing


Cold therapy/cold exposure

Inner child reparenting


Intention setting

Body scanning

Family and generational patterning

Mindful eating

Values and passions work

Finding ways to give back to our communities

Ego identification

Partnership with therapists, psychiatrists, and other specialists

Harm reduction/education around psychedelic therapy

Manifestation work

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