On transitions and the “in-between”

It sounds so simple, but it’s easy to forget…if life is a book, at the start and end of each chapter is a transition. 

Moving from one home to another. 

Starting or ending a relationship.

Quitting a job or starting a new career.

The actual transitions are a lot themselves. 

But I think the most energetically challenging part might be the “in between”. 

When we want to move, but overwhelm paralyzes us with fear.

When we change our relationship status, and feel discomfort or anxiety in our new role. 

When our current career path isn’t serving us, but we don’t know what necessarily comes next. 

The in-between is where we know something needs to change, but we’re on the first page of the first chapter of our new story. And it’s scary. Overwhelming. A shit-fit for our egos, often. Did I mention scary?

But with the uncertainty and discomfort that transitions bring, I’ve found that the most important thing to do in the in-between is to just…be. 

That’s usually the hardest thing to do, tbh. 

But by holding space for what’s happening emotionally and cognitively, we can allow ourselves to be uncomfortable. Uncertain. Overwhelmed!

And from here, we can observe what comes up more generally when we experience discomfort.

When sitting in discomfort or in the in-between place of a transition, it can be helpful to ask – 

  • What stories am I telling myself against the backdrop of my discomfort? 
  • When I’m stressed or uncertain, where do I feel it in my body (gut, back, jaw, etc.)?
  • When feeling uncomfortable, where do I tend to “go” mentally?
  • How would I talk to a close friend going through the same transition/challenge?

By exploring curiously where our minds default to, we can start to notice how we talk to ourselves when things are hard, and tag our subconscious thoughts that so often run the show.

Transitions aren’t easy. 

The in-between is often even harder. 

But observing where we go when things feel overwhelming?

That’s mental alchemy. 

Our transitions are a treasure trove of lessons in self acceptance and self-knowledge. 

We just have to give ourselves permission to listen to what’s already there. 

In holistic health coaching, we’ll work through the transitions of life with grace and support. I’d love to support you on your mental health journey! Reach out here, via IG (@charlottesuzanne_), or via email (hola@cswellness.co) –  I’d love to connect with you!


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