On segmenting your day and resetting your energy

If you’re ever in need of a reset throughout the days, “segment intending” is an easy and powerful tool for your mental health toolbox.

During stressful times – or if you have anxiety, like moi – life can sometimes seem like one long, running movie. Run here, jump there, cut to this scene. We so often carry our energy from one part of the day the next. Before we know it, a tense meeting at 8am has hijacked your entire day. A frustrating conversation at home has ruined our week.

However!! Our energy is powerful, and mutable. We have dozens of opportunities daily to reset our energetic vibration – we can pause the movie, so to speak, and decide how we want to show up in the next “segment” of whatever comes next.

As Abraham Hicks states, this process – adapted from Ask and it is Given –  is “just about being aware of yourself in your surroundings and what’s coming next. It’s a redefining by you of the intentions that you hold in this second.”

I like to do this frequently – from segmenting each season, down to segmenting out my days. 

My slow morning today was one segment. Writing social media stuff – another segment. Later I’ll work at my NP job – another segment. After work I’ll do something active – segment.

And at each segment, we have a choice as to how to show up. This morning, I can start to “dream into” the day. What energy would I like to bring into my coaching work? Later, how do I want my NP shift to look? I can break down my day into separate segments, and start to “pre-pave” the way for the day itself.

And if there’s a bump in the road? That’s okay too.  We can still look at our energy in segments. We can consciously choose to move into the next segment of our day WITHOUT dragging the crap from the previous one into it.

This takes work, and there’s no “right” way to do it. It’s just a tool to help you start consciously noting your energy as you move through the day. Once we’re aware of how we move through life, we can start to imagine how we’d like to show up. 

And so on.

Have you tried segment intending? What did you think? What would you like to hear more about? Comment below.


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